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Products Description :

Small in size – large in functionality

Although small in size, the Emotron VSA/VSC AC drive is equipped with several advanced features. It offers reliable and cost-efficient operation of pumps, fans, compressors, mixers and cranes. The series covers motors in the power range of 0.18 - 7.5 kW.

Soft starts and safe braking 

The Emotron VSA/VSC offers efficient starts and stops, minimizing mechanical stress and cycle times. A mixer filled with material is easily started using torque boost. A turned-off fan that is rotating in the wrong direction is handled safely using spin start. Controlled stops of pumps eliminate the risk of water hammer. Quick yet jerk-free stops of cranes are ensured.

Reliable operation without interruption 

A low voltage over-ride function eliminates interruptions due to momentary main power supply failure. Auto reset after alarm means the motor is automatically restarted after safety stops. Emotron VSA has a unique built-in shaft power monitor which minimizes damage and downtime by immediately detecting over- and underload situations – if a fan filter is blocked or a pump is running dry.

Minimized energy consumption 

Variable speed control means considerable energy savings compared to opening and closing valves or dampers. The Emotron VSA/VSC continuously adapts motor speed to the level required. A built-in sleep function helps to further save energy by pausing the motor when it does not need to be run in order to keep up the required pressure.

Flexible speed control 

Flexible speed control offers optimized operation for all applications. Constant torque can be used for mixers and square torque for pumps. Eight programmable speed settings ensure the correct speed when a mixer handles materials with different viscosity. You can eliminate vibrations in your fans by quickly passing known resonance frequencies. Double speed ramps can be set to avoid friction in pump applications.

Cost-efficient installation 

Compact format and side-by-side installation saves space, and the free choice of DIN-rail or screw installation offers great flexibility. Built-in 1st environment EMC filter offers efficient protection and minimizes installation costs.

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