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The transformers division of Crompton Greaves began operations over 60 years ago with their first supply to the US Army. The initial inputs for technology came from collaborations with Brush Transformers and Hawker Siddeley Power Systems of U.K. The company then forged a technology arrangement with Westinghouse Electric Corporation U.S.A. for transformers of up to 400 kV to serve international demand. The Transformer Division is the highest exporter of Power Transformers from India, a position it has maintained consistently since 1997-98. Exports of the division amount to over 50% of the total transformer exports from India! Products of the Transformer division are exported to over 40 countries worldwide. The Crompton Greaves Transformer division is known for its wide range, reliable designs, excellent materials and globally benchmarked manufacturing practices.

Crompton Greaves is among the very few companies worldwide that designs and manufactures the widest range of Power & Distribution Transformers and Reactors from 160kVA to 415MVA, 500kV Class to fulfill the specific demands of the Power & Industrial sectors and the Railways. With an installed base of over 120 million kVA in Transformers, Crompton Greaves has emerged as the largest Indian supplier of a wide range of Transformers and Reactors for all critical applications. These Transformers and Reactors find use in industries such as Power Utilities, Process Industries, Railways, Mines, Electricity Boards, Industrial users etc in both the Domestic as well as Global markets. The Company is also manufacturing Electric Motors & other Electric Products.

The division has the capability to manufacture transformers from 400 kVA to 900,000 kVA ( in a bank) 3.3 kVA TO 500kv class for various applications confirming to IS, IEC, EN, AS, BS, ANSI and other international standards. All the plant operations are certified under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14,000.

The Division has technologically superior manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, Gwalior and Bhopal with a total installed capacity of 18,500 MVA. Crompton Greaves incorporates the latest technology, superior raw materials and state-of-art manufacturing facilities to build transformers of superior quality and with high degree of reliability.

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